Husband Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife In 19 Pictures


Somewhere only we know

Have you ever felt that you and your lover created a common world that no one is able to steal from you? Then you’re a really lucky person! It doesn’t matter if it’s a boring Sunday or a happy Friday, you always have to remember that feeling that you and your lover possess – remind yourself every day to keep that world alive!

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Incredible Photos of Me and My Cardboard Cutouts at Sunset

When I am free, I unwind by posing for photos with my cutout cardboards when the sun is setting. The outcome is amazing photos that depict various images. Enjoy the magic of some of those moments.

Marvelous Animal Eyes Through the Armenian Photographer Lenses

Suren Manvelyan, an Armenian photographer, has captured the eyes of crocodiles, geckos, dogs, hippos, among other animals. The result is amazing images you would never guess are animal eyes. Discover the beauty they possess in the pictures below.

25 Most Handsome Men Globally

Beauty is the most predominant factor that is used to describe someone. It can be classified through many aspects. In this case, handsome men exist, and they can easily blow your mind off. Here are some of the top-rated handsome men globally.